Genomics services

Complete  and flexible solutions,

ranging from experimental design up

to interpretation of results


Genomics services

The Genomics Unit of the Madrid Science Park offers a broad range of scientific research to research groups, hospitals, companies and public or private laboratories. Our team of highly qualified experts and professionals uses the most recent and innovative technology and equipment.


The aim of this Unit is to supply comprehensive solutions adapted to each project, ranging from experimental design up to interpretation of results.


Each year, the Genomics Unit helps more than 100 research groups and over 350 projects. Around 60,000 samples  are analysed every year. The Unit also collaborates with scientific research projects and constitutes a meeting point between scientific development at university and the public sector, and the technological demands of the private sector.


15 years´experience as genomics platform and specialisation in massive sequencing since 2010 guarantee excellence.

Main genomics services

Real-time PCR (PCR-q):

  • Gene expression studies
  • MicroRNAs expression analysis
  • Genotyping using Taqman probes
  • Statistical analysis based on Statminer® software

Massive Genome Sequencing:

  • DNA sequencing: de novo / re-sequencing / directed sequencing
  • RNA and smallRNA sequencing: Transcriptomics / gene expression
  • Metagenomics: global analysis of populations / amplicon sequencing 16S / ITSs / 18S

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