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DES: Postdoc Remote Sensing

Fecha límite de admisión de CV: 30 Nov de 2023
Fecha límite de admisión de CV: 30 Nov de 2023

Digital Earth Solutions (DES) looks for a Postdoc in Remote Sensing.


At Digital Earth Solutions, we utilize advanced ocean modeling and remote sensing techniques to track and analyze the movement of objects floating in the ocean, such as oil spills, plastic debris, algae blooms, and people needing search and rescue. Our team has over 20 years of expertise in physical oceanography, geophysics, and computational fluid dynamics. We have developed proprietary algorithms and workflows to ingest real-time data from satellites, buoys, tidal gauges, and meteorological sources to generate high-fidelity simulations of ocean currents and waves. Within minutes, our systems can predict the present and future trajectory of any spilled pollutant or drifting object, forecasting how it will transport and diffuse across hundreds of miles. Our accurate ocean intelligence informs critical decisions to build a sustainable future.


Job Title: Postdoc in Remote Sensing.

Location: Madrid.


Job Purpose
Role Overview:

The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in designing and overseeing GIS and remote sensing projects, with a sharp focus on ocean detection, mapping, and analysis.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Data Processing & Analysis: Handle multispectral satellite imagery and radar data, applying them to oceanography and geophysics applications.
  • Image Tasks: Lead image classification, feature extraction, and evaluate impacts concerning occurrences like oil spills and algae blooms.
  • Workflow & Data Management: Conceptualize and execute workflows, geoprocessing raster, and vector data via GIS and remote sensing software.
  • Visualization: Craft intuitive data visualizations and cartography to delineate complex insights.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay abreast of the latest advancements in remote sensing, especially in the spheres of ocean and climate science.


Desired qualifications
  • PhD in Remote Sensing, Geophysics, Physical Oceanography, or related field.
  • Aptness in satellite and aerial remote sensing analysis techniques.
  • Familiarity with important ocean databases, such as Copernicus, EMODnet, and ESA.
  • Skilled in Google Earth Engine alongside relevant GIS software.
  • Robust research foundation in oceanography, geophysics, or akin disciplines.
  • Outstanding communication, team collaboration, and organizational prowess.


  • Full time postition.
  • Level: experienced.
  • Salary: open to discuss.


Applicants must send their CV to ggarcia@digital-earth-solutions.com indicating as subject: Postdoc in Remote Sensing.
Deadline: until position is filled (posted 31st October 2023).

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