Enterprise Europe Network

The network that helps SMEs innovate and grow in international markets

Enterprise Europe Network was launched by the European Commission and is the biggest European network supporting SMEs in their aim to reach international markets. It consists of more than 600 organisations from all over the world, including commerce and industry chambers, technological centres, universities and development agencies.

The Madrid Science Park has been a member of Enterprise Europe Network since 2008 as part of the Madrid consortium. As a member of this network, the Madrid Science Park offers SMEs a comprehensive support and counselling service so as to grant them access to the advantages of the European single market:

  • Policies and business opportunities in international markets.
  • Help in technology transfer processes.
  • Access to European R+D funding programmes.
  • Location of partners for international business projects.
  • Strengthening of innovation management by SMEs.
  • Assistance for SME beneficiary enterprises.


More information:

You may also wish to seek advice: parque.cientifico@fpcm.es