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The Unmanned Surface Vehicles are unmanned vessels for naval applications. Although they were first used at the end of the World War II,they began to be used in the late 90’s in some applications mainly in the Defense domain. In the last years, their demand is increasing due to the wide variety of applications from maritime surveillance to oceanic research and a wide range of purposes.


UTEK differentiation is based in providing very high reliability and advanced performance solutions adapted to customer needs offering a whole support service before and after the sale.

Developing high reliability and advanced performances unmanned vessels

The use of aerospace methodologies allows the final product to be highly robust in terms of very low fail rate and high effectiveness.


The European Space Agency (ESA) trusted in UTEK throughout its business incubation program ESA BIC which was implemented in Madrid in collaboration with Comunidad de Madrid (CAM) and Fundación para el Conocimiento Madri+d. UTEK is following that incubation program with the financial, technical and commercial support from ESA and CAM.


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