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NIMGenetics is a biomedical company specialised in designing and commercialising genetic clinical diagnosis products and services.


It develops exclusive genomic products based on two innovative technologies: comparative genomic hybridisation microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).


Its Genetic Diagnosis services adapt to the needs of biomedicine professionals in the fields of:

Clinical genetic diagnosis and development of genomic high resolution systems

Gynecology (invasive and non-invasive genetic diagnosis), Neuropediatric/Neurology Units (intellectual disability, dysmorphia, autism…), Oncology (family, breast, colon and endocrine cancer, leukaemia diagnosis…), Genetics (broad range of services) and Cardiology (congenital heart diseases, amongst others).


The promoting team used these technologies during the implementation phase as research tools. Their know-how and gained experience allowed them to transfer and adapt the innovative aspects of these tools to the fields of diagnosis and clinical genetic counselling. As a result, NIMGenetics became a leading company in this sector. These technologies are 100-1000 times more powerful than the traditional diagnosis techniques.


Tags: Massive sequencing, genetic diagnosis.