Parque Científico de Madrid
Campus de Cantoblanco
C/ Faraday, 7. 28049 Madrid

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IBERCAT offers comprehensive and personalised catalytic solutions. The company accompanies the client throughout the selection, designing and retailing process of the catalyst which solves the specific problem. It also provides advice for the use of these catalysts in specific conditions and a technical and after-sales consulting service.


The company specialises in fuel cell components, hydrogen production, biofuels and products derived from biomass.


The many patents held by the company and prototype construction of semi-automatic hydrogen generation reformers show the achievements made so far.

Catalytic innovative solutions in the field of sustainable chemistry and energy

IBERCAT has also cooperated very closely and exchanged resources with many scientific organisations and universities of different countries with particular emphasis on institutions in Europe and Latin America.


Soluciones Catalíticas IBERCAT S.L is a company which aims to make the most of the scientific-technological experience acquired by the Sustainable Energy and Chemistry group of the Catalysis and Petrochemical Institute, which belongs to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).


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