Biomedica Molecular Medicine

Parque Científico de Madrid
Campus de Cantoblanco
C/ Faraday, 7. 28049 Madrid

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Biomedica Molecular Medicine develops molecular tools designed to help doctors make clinical decisions.

This is a step forwards towards the personalisation of medicine which allows doctors to stratify patients and predict the outcome of their treatment thanks to BiomedicaMM´s molecular diagnosis tools.


Molecular research in a clinical context requires an increasing number of specialists. A multidisciplinary team consisting of researchers, doctors and mathematicians provide help during those stages of the project when support is needed.

Molecular tools designed to help make clinical decisions

The company also provides access to latest generation equipment in order to work in all areas of molecular biology: NGS, genomics, microRNAs, proteomics and metabolomics. Support in order to analyse and understand obtained results is also provided.


Biomedica Molecular Medicine is a spin-off created at the Health Research Institutite of the University Hospital La Paz-IdiPAZ. This is the first business initiative arisen from the health sector in Madrid to obtain official authorisation from the Community of Madrid Health Department.


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