Allinky Biopharma

Parque Científico de Madrid
Campus de Cantoblanco
C/ Faraday, 7. 28049 Madrid


Allinky Biopharma is an academic spin-off devoted to discovering and developing pharmaceuticals to treat illnesses related to chronic inflammation, cellular aging and cancer.


Scientific and clinical experiments have proved the importance of oxidative stress, chronic inflammation and the deregulation of cellular growth in developing illnesses.


Allinky develops new pharmaceuticals capable of modifying the irregular molecular signals which are responsible for these illnesses. These pharmaceuticals therefore contribute to restoring the normal genetic expression of cells.

Developing new pharmaceuticals to fight cancer and neurodegenerative and inflammatory illnesses

Tags: Fármaco, cáncer, neurodegenerativas, biotecnología, expresión genética, alzhéimer, envejecimiento, biotecnológica.